Protection & Resilience

Child Protection & GBV

Child Protection

Through the Child Protection intervention CEDA in partnership with UNICEF provides services to cover child welfare and protect the right of the child to grow and participate as part of the community. The right of the child to education and social protection is a fundamental objective of sustainable development goals which is being advocated and protected by UNICEF as an international stakeholder. CEDA through its project activities enables children and school going pupils within the community to participate in protection forums and activities like child rights clubs, Child friendly spaces and Social groups. Which enables the child to share their pertinent challenges with the community heads like chiefs or the school heads. Through these forums the protection of child growth and participation is the key objective. The protection of the girl child against abuse and exploitative vices like early marriages and FGM female genital mutilations is basic objective of the protection intervention. Furthermore, protection encompasses gender based issues like (GBV) Gender based violence where women or girls may fall victims to abuse and exploitation due to exploitation as weaker gender in the society therefore limiting their right of participation. Finally, protection also covers children that may fallout of the normal social norms and become neglected due to family disagreement and sometimes displacement from the immediate family.

Strengthening Accountability and Access to Justice in Somalia.

CEDA has partnered with DRC Somalia under through the consultative efforts of the local authoritirs as stakeholders. The [SPAAJS] program has been in the forefront of creating a harmonous reconciliation mechanism and developing a strategy of restoring social cohesion between the local community and accountability to justice system. Through the support and consultative efforts of DRC CEDA has managed to mobilize and sensitize community awareness on the need for accountability within the social network of Dollow district.